About Us

Simbrex Consult is Canada base company founded in 2011by group of investors. The principal initial operation was to prospect in the bourgeoning Alberta Oil and Gas industries, Transportation, Construction, Import and Export. Our focus was toinvest and provide ancillary services to the various companies relocating to Alberta.

Over the years, we have seen the company evolve from investments in to Management and Immigration Consulting. Through this medium we facilitated skilled workers to Canada and we provide business representation and outsourcing for economic growth.

Our Management consulting services center on organizingConferences, Summit, Corporate Training as well as facilitating Capital Investments.

As an accredited Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant, we offer services in all classes of Canada Immigration. We also provide International Students recruitment for Colleges and Universities in Canada. Our services to students include Exchange Programs and summer excursion and coaching.

Our services are designed to help our clients maximize their goals, business achievements and excellent performance in all field of endeavours.

The underlying philosophy of Simbrex Consult is to leverage our skills and connections to support all our clients. These in no little measure enable individuals, companies and Organizations to rapidly develop and provide themselves the chance to expand their business scopes in their local communities and regions worldwide.

At Simbrex Consult Ca. Ltd., weensure that the whole business cooperation process is fully supervised and controlled, making the cooperation easier for all the parties.

Our business scope is flexible, since we are following our clients’ development, locating opportunities and helping to reduce cost of doing business.

We are built to assist Individuals, Private and Public institutions in achieving and enhancing immediate and long-term objectives, stability, business cooperation and growth in a most cost effective and timely manner.

We are committed to understanding and documenting and providing our clients with excellent services. Hence our emphasis is laid on sustainable development projects, employment and wealth creation.