Corporate Training


 Simbrex Consult provides generic and customize training for top flight executive in Oil & Gas industries, Banking, Insurance and  Political Leaders focusing on policy evaluation, strategic planning, and conflict resolution, safety, Security and Mediation.


Simbrex Consult facilitates training and workshop for political  leaders on good governance, localization of industries and strategies for receiving outsources from Blue chip industries and companies from  the developed Countries.


Simbrex Consult partner with reputable Institutions in Canada to provide series of Project Leadership Certificates to help Business an  Industries become more productive in the global economy. Completion of these certificates provides Employees with Skills to apply project leadership, plan and roll out projects, form and maintain teams, plan and conduct meetings, foster a productive work environment, Identify and manage conflicts, identify areas for improvement and impact the bottom line as well as series of training in Environmental Occupation Health and Safety which has become one of the major driving forces that enhance  expansion in Oil & Gas and construction industries. 


Our safety arm is involved in providing trained security personnel, working with law enforcement agents to promote peaceful coexistence in the face of global threat of terrorism. 

We facilitate customized training for corporate personnel in various safety aspects for staff to earn their accreditation as Health and Safety Administrators (HAS) and National Construction Safety Officers (NCSO). Companies with trained staff can equally earn the popular Certificate of Recognition (COR) that helps to promote credibility and reliability in Safety.