Immigration Services



We provide various immigration supports such as Study Visa/ Permit, Work  Permit, Holiday & Visitors Visas, Permanent Residence Permit  (Express Entry for High skilled and Technical skilled and Canadian  Experience and Provincial Nominee), Family Sponsorship, Refugee Counsel  & Representation as well as Humanitarian and Compassionate class 


 Study Visa/Permit: With our access to the best colleges and universities in Canada, we help prospective clients to secure admission to any courses of your choice. For our exceptional students we provide links contact for scholarship opportunities to reduce and minimize the cost of tuition while you focus on your studies. We stay involved to serve our clients with processing their admission, study visa and permit. 


Temporary Foreign Worker/Live-in Caregivers: We  represent companies to recruit foreign workers, farm seasonal workers and live-in care givers. We have spread our net to Africa, Asia and Latin America to recruit low skilled, semi and medium skilled levels workers to support our industries where there are no Canadian citizens and or permanent residents available for the jobs. Among our  responsibilities is to prepare the Labour Market Impact Assessment Form (LMIA) for the work visa applications. 


 Permanent Residence Application (PNP/Express Entry)

We provide support for clients from within and from outside Canada to complete the application for the Federal skilled workers and skilled trade workers under the new Express Entry Class. 


Refugee/Asylum and Pre-Removal Risk Assessment(PRRA) Representative: 

We provide counsel for refugee and asylum seekers before the Refugee Protection Board of Canada.


 Family sponsorship, humanitarian and compassionate permit

Under the family class: Among many goals of the Canada Immigration and Refugee Act is to promote family reunion. We represent families to process their resident permits under the family class. We also represent families with exceptional cases under the humanitarian and  compassionate need. 


  Medical Health - Checkups and Treatments

Are you struggling with your health? 

Are you careful and desires to monitor your health condition? Are you having challenge finding adequate medical support? Canada is home to world class medical practitioners with state of the earth latest equipment. Simbrex Consult will facilitate your medical supports with our retained Family physicians and Specialists who are able to arrange to attend to your medical needs.   

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