Simbrex Consult was founded in 2011 as Simbrex Investment. We are Canada based Company founded by group of investors to prospect in the bourgeoning Oil and Gas industries, Transportation, Construction, Import and Export. Oil & Gas has underpinned Simbrex Consult business  since it was founded. It underlies the company’s entire current and  future operations. Over the years, we have seen the company grown as a  major player in all our areas of endeavor

Our milestone Key figures in Oil & Gas

We have delivered millions of tons of finished products in the past year across the globe.

Through our various networks and operations, Simbrex Consult delivers  millions of barrels of crude oil per year to all the partner  refineries.

Simbrex Consult also provides a comprehensive end to end service covering the entire oil chain:

  • production
  • operations
  • storage
  • sales
  • large volume shipments

Simbrex Consult Ca Ltd is a major player in crude oil and refined  product sales. Our product specifically includesDiesel(AGO),  Premiumgasoline (PMS), Jet fuel (LPG),Fuel oil and Natural Gas(LNG). We  also invest in oil-based activities including:

  • Establishing storage facilities
  • Setting up transport networks with modern tankers
  • Building distribution networks with state-of-the-art Gas/petrol stations
  • Building pipelines to deliver oil to customers who are sometimes landlocked or dependent on old fashioned transport networks

Make the right impression with your association with the right  Company. 

You can relax knowing that at Simbrex Consult, our team is  dedicated to meeting your needs.